Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Innovative Toymaker in Cordoba, Argentina.

One of my favorite things about travelling the world with Circus of Smiles is the inspiring people we meet along the way. Last night we met a first class innovator at an outdoor crafts market in Cordoba.

Cork Action Figures, CD Storybooks, Soda Bottle ¨Ball and Cups¨

Javier, originally from Colombia, makes toys out of the recyclables he finds around town. He also leads sustainable crafts workshops for parents and teachers. This, of course, made me wish we weren´t leaving Cordoba that very same night... but at least it leaves us one more thing to look forward to for our next visit.  Tyler decided he had to buy out the entire stock of finger puppets (made of soda bottle tops, yarn, binder coil, and paint.) We were extra impressed by how they came wrapped and ready for travel, in a little house made from two small water bottles cut in half.

Javier´s company can be found on Facebook, as Paz Verde Juguetes Sustentables. I am currently waiting for him to accept my friend request, because he says there are plenty of photos and ideas posted there. As many of you know, I work for a company that places high value on using recyclables within the classroom as well as on creating innovators that envision and create a better future. Naturally, I find his work very exciting, and look forward to trying out some of his projects back at home! I hope these pictures give you a bit of inspiration to try something different today.

A children´s story about unconditional
 love, writen on a recycled CD book. 

A soccer game with a marble for a ball and popsicle sticks for players.

Cork action figures with moveable parts- and a great paint job

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