Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We're expanding our web presence.

Big deal announcement number two...

We are live. 


has been launched.

 [What the site currently looks like]
 [What it will probably look like]
[Another potential design]

Though the website is currently more of a placeholder than anything at the moment, it is a big step in the momentum building direction. And it really feels good to have started the ball rolling.

Also, did you know we have a Facebook presence? 


We'd love it if you'd "Like" us on Facebook and help spread the word.

In honor of the fact that we have officially launched online, I have decided it is finally time to go back and write about more of the places we visited on our Southeast Asia Tour. Stay tuned for updates, and photo stories about the various schools, orphanages, and shelters we visited last fall. Blog number one of this installment will likely be about Child Watch Phuket's Prison Program.

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